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sanctuary100's Journal

Angel Sanctuary 100
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Angel Sanctuary 100 is a community made for those people who love writing Angel Sanctuary, and who love writing 100 word drabbles.
How it works
1. On Monday of every week, a the challenge for that week will close, and on the next Tuesday, a new challenge will begin.

2. The drabbles will be voted on, and whoever gets the most votes by Wednesday wins for that week. Votes will me anonymous, so only I will be able to see who voted what, so don't worry about voting for friends. And don't worry about voting for me, because I know I won't win~

3. The winner of each week will get the choose the theme of the next week.

1. No flaming. You will be warned once, after that, you will be banned.

2. Constructive criticism should be welcomed by every member. However, if it is not, please say in your post that you would prefer not to get any, and hopefully people will honour that.

3. All drabbles must be 100 words long. Not 99. Not 101. 100 exactly.

4. Though you can only enter three (may change) drabbles into to contest per week, you are welcome to write more than that if you so wish. Please include which ones you would like to be included in the contest. Likewise, even if you only write one for that week, you can choose to not have it in the contest.

5. No double themes, please.

6. Please mark all spoilers.

7. =D Have fun. Rules may change as things spring up.

Pairing/Central Character(s):
Anything else? (this includes notes, spoilers, etc.)

All entries will be sorted into the memories, by character/pairing, and the theme.