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A bit of Xmas anti-cheer.

Title: Proper Irreverence
Author: morganlight
Pairing/Central Character(s): Michael & Raphael
Rating: PG? I guess?
Anything else: I think it's fairly obvious who's speaking when...

“Don’t be so grouchy.”

“Holiday cheer sucks. All this peace on earth crap is giving me a headache.”

“So stir up trouble. Christmas requires proper irreverence. Set a tree farm on fire.”

“Did that last year. Good times. Maybe I’ll crash your party.”

“Oh yeah? I already spiked the egg nog.”

“Great. The drunker they are, the harder they fall.”

“Just clean up after yourself, would you?”

“Hell no. If you can take piles of pine needles, cadavers should be a piece of cake.”

“Pine needles don’t stain.

“Neither do limbs, if properly sliced off.”

“Oh Christ.”

“Yeah. Blame him.”
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